CRCCD – Winterberry ‘Mr. Poppins’ (male)

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Ilex verticillata ‘Mr. Poppins’ (male)


Soil:  Acidic, Rich, Well-drained
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Moisture:  Average to Wet
Plant Height:  to 10 feet
Plant Width:  to 10 feet
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Good for mass plantings, shrub borders, foundation plantings, or accent plants.  Excellent for rain gardens, wet soils in low areas, and along streams and ponds.

Deciduous holly great for naturalizing!  Slow-growing, non-fruiting male shrub with a compact, oval growth habit.  Glossy, dark green leaves drop early in the fall and do not develop any appreciable color.  Inconspicuous white flowers bloom for an extended period, making the plant a good pollinator for females, which produce profuse red berries.  Only one male is needed to pollinate many females.  Males can be planted some distance away from females, however, the closer the male is to the female the greater the chance pollinators will visit both plants.  Prune in early spring, if needed.  Susceptible to chlorosis (yellowing of leaves while veins remain green) if soils are not sufficiently acidic.  Apply a thick layer of mulch around the root zone for winter protection in exposed locations.  Tolerates clay soils, poorly-drained soils and air pollution.  Attracts butterflies and native bees.

2 gallon pot