CRCCD – Trumpet Honeysuckle ‘Major Wheeler’


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Lonicera sempervirens ‘Major Wheeler’


Soil: Rich, Well-drained
Moisture: Average to Moist
Light: Full to Part Sun
Plant Height: up to 20 feet
Plant Width: up to 12 feet
Pests: None
Landscape Value: Great for climbing on trellises, arbors, open fences, gazebos, and deck railings.

A vigorous, twining vine with lush, dark green foliage that is mildew-free, even in humid conditions. Profuse fragrant, red, tubular flowers bloom late spring through summer attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Flowers on previous year’s growth and new growth so regular pruning is not needed. Can be pruned once flowering has ended to shape plant or remove dead or overly tangled branches. As a vine, vertical support is needed to climb. When planting, be sure crown of plant is at or above soil surface after watering in. Tolerates clay soil, dryish soil, and drought, once established.

1 gallon pot