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Viburnum nudum


Soil:  Acidic, Moist, Well-drained
Moisture:  Average to Wet
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Plant Height:  5 to 12 feet
Plant Width:  5 to 12 feet
Pests: None serious
Landscape Value:  Good for shrub borders, hedges, and foundation plantings.  Great for low spots, in rain and water gardens, and along stream and pond edges.

Rounded, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with glossy, leathery leaves that turn red-purple in the fall.  Showy, flat-topped clusters of aromatic white flowers bloom May to June and produce clusters of egg-shaped berries that change color as they ripen, from light pink to deep pink to blue to purplish-black.  Fruiting clusters will have all colors appearing at the same time.  For best fruit production, plant in groups rather than singularly.  Prune lightly as needed, in the fall.  Pruning after flowering can be done but will eliminate some late summer fruits.  Attracts songbirds, wild turkey, grouse, and squirrels.  Tolerates soil compaction, flooding, and some drought. Fruits are edible but acidic.

1 gallon pot, 18-24 inches tall

Photo credits:
Native Plant Trust (photos by William Cullina, Marilee Lovitt)