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Picea glauca


Habit:  Cone-shaped
Mature Height:  40 to 60 feet
Mature Width:  10 to 20 feet
Soil:  Acidic, Sandy, Well-drained
Light:  Full Sun
Growth Rate:  Moderate to Fast, about 13-24″/year
Landscape Value:  Great as a specimen tree, Christmas tree, screen and windbreak.

Hardy, compact evergreen tree with short, stiff, blue-green needles bearing sharp, pointy tips.  Needles are aromatic when crushed.  Mature needles develop a whitish bloom with age, hence the common name.  Produces cylindrical, light brown cones up to 2.5 inches long.  Tolerates drought and salt.  Provides shelter for songbirds and small mammals.

Note:  This year we are offering plugs rather than bare-root seedlings. Rooted in soil, plugs do not require immediate planting, have less transplant shock, and have a greater survival rate than bare-root seedlings.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Conifer plug orders are due March 15, 2023!

Tree plugs, 1 yr, 10-12”

Photo credits:
Native Plant Trust (photos by Arthur Haines, Donald Cameron)

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