CRCCD – English Thyme




Thymus vulgaris 


Soil:  Well-drained
Light:  Full Sun
Moisture:  Average to Dry
Plant Height:  6 to 12 inches
Plant Width:  12 to 14 inches
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great for herb and vegetable gardens, rock gardens, between flagstones, and the front of borders.  Good for massing.  Can be grown as a container plant and indoors in a sunny window.

Highly aromatic and easy to grow!  Upright, mounded perennial with semi-creeping,  woody stems and tiny, pointed grey-green leaves that are highly aromatic, reaching their peak scent just before plants flower.  Leaves frequently used fresh or dried as a culinary seasoning.  Whorls of tiny, tubular, light pink to lilac flowers appear on stem tips in late spring to early summer.  Cut back plants to limit woody growth or stimulate new growth.  Tolerates drought and shallow-rocky soil.  Attracts bees and butterflies.

3.5″ pot

PLEASE READ! Important Ordering/Pricing Information: Indicate the number of thyme plants you’d like to order, then selection the option according to the total number of herbs you are ordering.  They don’t all have to be the same type.
For any total herb order of 5 or more plants, choose the 5+ Plants option at $4/plant. For example, if you are ordering 4 thyme and 2 lavender plants, choose the 5+ option at $4/plant.
For any total herb order under 5 plants, choose the 1 Plant option at $5/plant.

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