CRCCD – Cape Breeze Switchgrass


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Panicum virgatum ‘Cape Breeze’


Soil:  Lean, Well-drained
Moisture:  Dry to Moist
Light:  Full to Part Sun (prefers full)
Plant Height:  24 to 30 inches
Plant Width:  18 to 30 inches
Pests: None
Landscape Value:  Makes an appealing accent.  Great for mass planting in perennial borders and coastal gardens, along roadsides, and in rain gardens and water-wise landscapes.  Great for smaller areas and even containers.  Useful for erosion control.

Easy-to-grow, compact, clump-forming grass with year-round interest.  As a warm-season grass, foliage appears in warm weather (late May).  Deep green, arching leaves develop reddish-purple tips in autumn, but otherwise keep their green color until late in the season.  Airy, finely-branched clusters of tiny yellow-green flowers rise up to 2 feet above the foliage and bloom in late spring.  Seed heads persist into winter, turning bronze and providing visual interest.  For best growth, plant in lean soil as rich soil causes the plant to flop.  Too much moisture or poor air exchange may cause crown or root rot.  Stems are sturdy and remain upright without staking even in windy coastal sites.  Prune clumps to ground level in late winter.  Attracts seed-eating songbirds, game birds, and small mammals.  Provides cover and nesting materials for small wildlife.  Tolerates partial sun, salt, a variety of soils, drought, occasional flooding, and black walnut.  Larval host to Delaware Skipper and many other banded skipper butterflies.  Makes a great cut or dried flower.

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