CRCCD – Switchgrass


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Panicum virgatum


Soil:  Sandy or Clay
Moisture:  Average to Moist
Light:  Full Sun
Plant Height:  3 to 6 feet
Plant Width:  2 to 3 feet
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great in borders, meadows, cottage gardens, rain gardens, and along stream and pond edges.  Makes an appealing accent. Good for massing and makes an effective screen.  Useful for erosion control.

Easy-to-grow, clump-forming grass with a columnar shape reaching 3 feet tall.  Arching gray-green leaves turn yellow in the fall fading to tan-beige in winter.  As a warm-season grass, leaves will not appear until warm weather (late May).  Airy, finely-branched clusters of tiny pink-tinged flowers rise up to 3 feet above the foliage and bloom in late summer.  Seed heads persist through winter and provide visual interest.  Attracts seed-eating songbirds, game birds, and small mammals.  Provides cover and nesting materials for wildlife.  Grows primarily in clumps, but can spread slowly by creeping rhizomes (underground stems). Prune clumps to ground level in late winter or early spring.  Tolerates partial sun, a variety of soils, drought, occasional flooding, and black walnut.  Larval host to Delaware Skipper and many other skipper butterflies.

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Photo credits: (photos by Katy Chayka, Peter M. Dziuk)