CRCCD – Strawberries ‘Jewel’


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Fragaria x ananassa ‘Jewel’


Soil:  Well-drained, Loam or Sandy Loam, pH 6.5-6.8
Light:  Full Sun
Moisture:  Average
Spacing:  12 to 18 inches between plants, 3 to 4 feet (on center) between rows

Compact grower with excellent flavor.  Produces large, firm berries with superb quality and flavor.  Berries ripen in June.  Excellent for fresh eating, preserving and freezing.  Disease-resistant and cold hardy.

When planting, dig holes deep enough to allow roots to go straight down.  Keep the soil line in the middle of the crown.  Weed plant beds often and well, and don’t allow weeds to become established.  Be careful if tilling soil as roots are shallow, and till only to 1″. To aid in weed control, mulch plants with good-quality straw.  After harvesting is completed for the season, renovate plants by mowing or clipping plants and remove clippings.  Do not renovate in first year.  For winter protection, apply 3 to 4 inches of straw (not hay) over entire plant bed in mid to late November.  Leaf mulch not recommended.  Remove mulch in early spring before new growth appears.

Sold in bundles of 25 plants (bare root)