CRCCD – Speckled Alder EcoR

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Alnus incana ssp. rugosa

CT  RG  P  EcoR

Soil:  Sandy or gravelly, moderately acidic
Light:  Full Sun to Part Shade
Moisture:  Average to Wet
Plant Height: to 25 feet
Plant Width:  to 25 feet
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great for low, moist areas along streams and ponds.  Good for bank stabilization.

Fast-growing, thicket-forming large shrub with multiple trunks.  Commonly called speckled alder due to the white lenticels (pores) that speckle the bark.   Male and female flowers appear in separate catkins in early spring before the leaves emerge.  Female catkins are followed by fruiting cones containing winged seeds attractive to birds.  Cones resemble small pine cones and persist through the winter.  Roots bear nitrogen-fixing nodules. Tolerates mucky soils, clay soils, and occasional flooding.  Thickets provide cover and winter browse for wildlife.  Attracts butterflies and seed-eating birds.  Larval host to Green Comma butterflies.

1 gallon pot