CRCCD – Red Trillium (a.k.a. Red Wake-robin)

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Trillium erectum


Soil:  Acidic, Humus-rich, Well-drained
Moisture:  Moist
Light:  Part Sun to Shade (dappled sun in early spring)
Plant Height:  6 to 18 inches
Plant Width:  to 12 inches
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great for woodland gardens in deciduous or mixed forests where it can receive ample sunlight early in its growing season.  Good for partial shade gardens, but avoid the north side of buildings or other areas where the sun does not warm the ground.

A showy spring ephemeral!  A single stalk bearing a whorl of three leaf-like bracts emerges from a rhizome (underground stem) in early spring.  Perched 1-4” above the diamond-shaped leaves is a single nodding flower with three maroon, occasionally white, petals that curve slightly backwards.  Flowers have an unpleasant odor, and are pollinated by carrion flies and beetles.  If pollinated, flowers produce maroon berries containing seeds with nutrient-rich appendages that attract ants; ants carry the seeds to their nests, eat the appendages and discard the seeds, thereby aiding in dispersal.  Also attracts small mammals that feed on and disperse seeds.  Established plants will form clumps if left undisturbed.  Very cold hardy, but sensitive to heat.  Mulch with leaves to maintain adequate moisture and acidity levels.

1 quart pot