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Pinus resinosa


Habit:  Open, oval to rounded crown when mature
Mature Height:  50 to 80 feet
Mature Width:  to 30 feet
Soil:  Acidic, Sandy Loam, Very Well-drained
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Growth Rate: Moderate, about 12”/year
Landscape Value:  Good ornamental tree.

A long-lived, evergreen tree (to 500 years) with a straight trunk and yellow-green, needle-like leaves in bundles of two.  The bark is thick with large reddish-brown plates at the base, but becomes thin and orange-red in the upper crown.  Produces male pollen cones in whorled clusters at the tips of branches and cylindrical female cones that grow to 2 inches and are free of resin.  Cones are produced when trees reach 5 to 9 years of age with female seed cones taking 2 years to mature.  While good seed crops generally occur every 3 to 7 years, about half the seeds produced are not viable.  Tolerates poor, sterile soil and temporary flooding.  Mature trees are drought tolerant, but needles may turn reddish-brown when very dry conditions persist over several growing seasons.  Intolerant of shade, road salt, salt spray, and urban pollution.  Newly planted trees must be kept watered to maintain soil moisture to ensure good growth; susceptible to needle droop if soil moisture is limited.  Trees should be watered during the first growing season.  Seeds are eaten by songbirds and small mammals, especially red squirrels, white-footed mice and meadow voles.  Larval host for the Northern Pine Sphinx moth.

Note:  This year we are offering plugs rather than bare-root seedlings. Rooted in soil, plugs do not require immediate planting, have less transplant shock, and have a greater survival rate than bare-root seedlings.

Tree plugs, 2 yr, 5-8”

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
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