CRCCD – Green-headed Coneflower (plugs)



Rudbeckia lacinata


Soil:  Slightly Acidic, Fertile Loam, Well-drained
Moisture:  Average to Moist (prefers moist)
Light:  Full to Part Sun (prefers part sun)
Plant Height:  3 to 10  feet
Plant Width:  2 to 4 feet
Pests: None
Landscape Value:  Makes a dramatic accent for perennial borders, moist meadows and woodlands, rain gardens, and along shady stream and pond edges.  Useful for erosion control.   

A robust perennial with multiple, upright leafy stems that branch out near the top.  Bottom leaves are deeply divided into lobes while upper leaves may or may not be lobed.  A rosette of leaves at the base persists through winter, providing an attractive ground cover.  Stalked, daisy-like flower heads bloom mid-summer to fall.  Heads are 2-4” across with greenish-yellow central domes wreathed by backward-angled yellow rays flowers.  The central dome elongates and turns brown as seeds ripen.  Can spread aggressively by rhizomes (underground stems).  To keep under control, divide clumps and deadhead old flowers.  Tolerates wet soil, seasonal flooding, heat and humidity.  Does not tolerate drought.  Attracts butterflies, moths, pollinating flies, predatory wasps, and seed-eating birds.  Makes a good cut flower.

Landscape plugs, 2″ wide by 5″ deep, sold in quantities of 5 or 10

Photo credits:
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (photos by Stephanie Brundage, Julie Makin)

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5 Total Landscape Plugs, 10 Total Landscape Plugs