CRCCD – Gray Dogwood EcoR


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Swida racemosa (syn. Cornus racemosa)


Soil:  Well-drained
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Moisture:  Average to Moist (preferred)
Plant Height: 10 to 15 feet
Plant Width:  10 to 15 feet
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great for massing, in shrub borders, along streams and ponds, in naturalized areas, and in rain gardens.  Also useful for soil stabilization and erosion control.

Beautiful multi-stemmed shrub with four season interest and great wildlife value.  Fragrant flat-topped clusters of greenish-white flowers bloom in late spring producing white to pale blue fruits on bright red pedicels that persist into winter, providing a nice color contrast to the gray bark.  Foliage turns red-purple in the fall.  Spreads by suckering and forms colonies if suckers not removed.  Provides food and shelter for songbirds and other wildlife.  Attracts butterflies.  Larval host for Spring Azure butterflies.  Tolerates poor soils, wet soils, compacted soils, and drought.  Very winter hardy!

1 gallon pot, 2-3 feet tall