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Pinus strobus


Habit:  Pyramidal when young, broadly oval with an uneven crown when mature
Mature Height:  50 to 80 feet
Mature Width:  20 to 40 feet
Soil:  Acidic, Well-drained
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Growth rate:  Fast, about 24″/year
Landscape Value:  Excellent specimen tree.  Makes a good Christmas tree and windbreak.  Plant in areas with adequate space to accommodate future growth.  Can be planted as a hedge and sheared regularly to control growth.

Large evergreen with bundles of 5 thin, soft, blue-green needles that remain on the tree for 2 to 3 years before dropping in the fall.  Produces male pollen cones in whorled clusters at the tips of branches and paired, cylindrical female cones that grow to 8 inches and have scales with white resin tips.  Cones are produced when trees reach 5-10 years of age; female cones remain on the tree for 2 years.  Smooth gray to gray-green bark, becomes furrowed with age.  Intolerant of clay soils, compacted soils, alkaline soils, many air pollutants, and salt.  Provides shelter for songbirds and small mammals.

Note:  This year we are again offering plugs rather than bare-root seedlings. Rooted in soil, plugs do not require immediate planting, have less transplant shock, and have a greater survival rate than bare-root seedlings.  For two years now, Eastern White Pine plugs have been very difficult to locate.  Most suppliers have either stopped growing the seedlings, had crop failures, or are too far away to guarantee plants would remain in good condition after shipment.  We were able to locate these 1 year plugs.  If nursed, the seedlings should do well.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Conifer plug orders are due March 15, 2023!

Tree plugs, 1 yr, 3-5”

Photo credits:
Arbor Day Foundation
Brandeis University
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (photo by Julie Makin)