CRCCD – Downy Rattlesnake-plantain

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Goodyera pubescens


Soil:  Sandy Loam, Slightly Acidic, Well-drained
Moisture:  Average to Moist
Light:  Part Sun to Shade (prefers dappled shade)
Plant Height:  1 to 2 feet
Plant Width:  to 1 foot
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great for woodland gardens and shady areas of native plant gardens.  Provides winter interest.

Unique and easy-to-grow!  This showy evergreen orchid has a rosette of blue-green leaves that bear a single white center stripe and a network of white veins.  A single flower stalk rises from the center of the rosette in mid-summer bearing a dense cluster of tiny, white to greenish-white rounded flowers with sac-like lower lips.  Pollinated by bumblebees and sweat bees.  Typical of orchids, the roots have a mycorrhizal relationship with a fungus that assist the plant in acquiring moisture and nutrients, while the plant provides products of photosynthesis to feed the fungus.  Seeds contain little nutrients and require soil fungi to establish.  Best covered with a layer of leaf mulch to ensure consistent soil moisture.

1 quart pot