CRCCD – Blueberry, Lowbush EcoR


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Vaccinium angustifolium

CT  RG  E  P  EcoR

Soil:  Acidic (pH 4.0-5.0), Sandy, Well-drained
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Moisture:  Average to Dry
Plant Height: 6 to 24 inches
Plant Width:  to 24 inches
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Good as an ornamental, to attract wildlife and for fruit production.  Great in shrub borders,  naturalized areas and rain gardens.

Abundant edible berry producer!  Deciduous twiggy shrub with great wildlife value.  Reddish-green spring foliage turns blue-green in summer and reddish-bronze in fall.  Drooping clusters of pinkish-white, bell-shaped flowers bloom in May followed by edible blue berries.  Remove flowers in first two years to encourage a good root system and a stronger plant.  Apply a thick layer of organic mulch to keep soil moist and protect roots.  Spreads by rhizomes (underground stems) to form colonies.  Take care in harvesting fruits in first few years after planting.  Aggressive harvesting can damage young plants and dislodge rhizomes.  Prune every other year to encourage new growth as fruit production decreases on old growth and lower branches.  Susceptible to yellowing of leaves in high pH (alkaline) soils.  Tolerates rocky sites.  Fruits provide food for songbirds, game birds, small mammals, and bear.  Attracts native bees.

1 gallon pot, 6-12 inches tall