CRCCD – Blue-stemmed Goldenrod



Solidago caesia


Soil:  Well-drained
Moisture:  Average to Dry
Light:  Full to Part Sun (prefers light shade)
Plant Height: 1.5 to 3 feet
Plant Width:  1.5 to 3 feet
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great in meadows, butterfly gardens, borders, semi-shade gardens, and open woodland gardens.  Useful for erosion control.  Makes an excellent cut flower.

An easy-to-grow perennial that shows off in both shady and sunny areas.  Loose clusters of golden yellow star-like flowers bloom in late summer and fall on greenish-purple arching stems.  Plants form attractive open clumps and do not spread aggressively.  Tolerates clay soil, dry soil and drought.   Flowers are a late-season pollen source and attract butterflies and large numbers of native bees and honey bees. Songbirds eat the seeds. Plant in large numbers for a great fall fireworks show!

5-pint pot

Photo credits:
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (photos by Stefan Bloodworth, W.D. & Dolphia Bransford, and R.W. Smith)