CRCCD – Bloodroot

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Sanguinaria canadensis


 Soil:  Rich, Humus-rich, Well-drained
Moisture:  Average to Moist
Light:  Part Sun to Shade
Plant Height:  6 to 10 inches
Plant Width:  4 to 6 inches
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great for mass planting in shaded areas of woodland and rock gardens where plants can be allowed to naturalize.  Effective as a spring groundcover around the base of trees.

A showy spring ephemeral!  A single flower stalk wrapped by one deeply-scalloped, gray-green basal leaf emerges from an underground stem (rhizome) in early spring.  The stalk produces a single white flower with numerous yellow center stamens.  As the flower begins to bloom, the leaf unfurls.  Flowers are short-lived, open up in the sunlight and close at night.  Leaves remain until mid-to-late summer when the plant goes dormant.  Pollinated by small native bees and flies.  Seeds have nutrient-rich appendages that attract ants; ants carry the seeds to their nests, eat the appendages and discard the seeds, thereby aiding in dispersal.  All parts of the plant exude a bright red-orange sap when cut, hence the name.  Tolerates drought, dry soil and black walnut.  Mulch with a thin layer of deciduous leaves in winter.

1 quart pot