CRCCD – Beach Plum


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Prunus maritima


Soil:  Sandy, Well-drained
Light:  Full Sun
Moisture:  Average to Dry
Plant Height: 6 to 7 feet
Plant Width:  6 to 7 feet
Landscape Value:  Great as a specimen planting or in seaside and native gardens.  Good for sandy, infertile sites and for erosion control.

Excellent shrub for coastal areas, with prolific flowers and showy edible plums!  Fast-growing, upright shrub with small clusters of white cherry blossom-like flowers that bloom in early spring before leaves appear, providing abundant nectar for an array of insects.  In late summer, green plums mature to purple, providing a plentiful food source for wildlife and people alike.  Prone to suckering and can form thickets if suckers not removed.  Benefits from pruning to remove dead wood, cross branches, and low branches to keep fruit off the ground.  Prune in late winter or spring, after flowering.  Susceptible to various fungal diseases.  Tolerates drought, salt spray, saline soils, and wind.  Attracts songbirds, mammals and native bees.  Plums make delicious jams and jellies!

2 gallon pot

Photo credits:
Native Plant Trust (photos by Donald Cameron, Adelaide Pratt)
University of Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Plant Database