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Abies balsamea


Habit:  Cone-shaped
Mature Height:  40-70 feet
Soil:  Average to Moist
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Growth Rate:  Slow to Moderate, about 12”/year
Landscape Value:  Excellent Christmas tree, ornamental, screen and windbreak.

Large evergreen tree with short, soft, dark-green and fragrant needles.  Provides shelter for songbirds and small mammals.  Most popular Christmas tree in the northeast due to its good needle retention after cutting and its classic evergreen aroma.  Needles can be used to make scented oils, sachets, candles and other scented gifts!

Note:  This year we are again offering plugs rather than bare-root seedlings. Rooted in soil, plugs do not require immediate planting, have less transplant shock, and have a greater survival rate than bare-root seedlings.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Conifer plug orders are due March 15, 2023!

Tree plugs, 2 yr, 5-8”

Photo credits:
Native Plant Trust (photo by Jill Weber)
Oregon State University

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