CRCCD – Asparagus ‘Mary Washington’


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Asparagus officinalis ‘Mary Washington’


Soil:  Well-drained, pH 7.0-7.2
Light:  Full Sun
Moisture:  Average

A highly productive heirloom variety!  ‘Mary Washington’ is one of the most popular of all heirloom asparagus varieties and an excellent choice for the garden.  This disease resistant, open pollinated variety was developed in California and introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1949.  The delicious spears are tender, thick, heavy and straight and are a rich dark green color with a purple tinge.  Produces uniform spears and a heavy yield.  It is fast growing, extremely hardy and rust proof, and the graceful, feathery green foliage remains attractive long after harvest.  Once established, an asparagus bed can produce for 15 years or more.

10 bare-root crowns