CRCCD – Northern Arrowwood EcoR



Viburnum dentatum

CT  RG  P  EcoR

Soil:  Loamy to Sandy, Well-drained
Moisture:  Average to Moist
Light:  Full to Part Sun
Plant Height:  6 to 12 feet
Plant Width:  6 to 12 feet
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Great for shrub borders, tall hedges, and along stream and pond edges.  Makes a good background for other native plantings.

Easy to grow!  Multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with glossy, dark green leaves that turn yellow to wine-red in the fall.  Showy, flat-topped clusters of creamy white flowers bloom in late spring, producing blue-black fruits attractive to wildlife.  Growth habit is upright when young; with age, branches arch over at tips.  Prone to suckering and will form dense thickets that provide excellent cover and nesting sites.  Suckers can be removed if not naturalizing.  Can be pruned to maintain shape; prune immediately after flowering as flower buds form in summer for the following year.  Tolerates a range of soil types, black walnut, seasonal flooding, and some drought.  Attracts songbirds, gamebirds, small mammals, and large numbers of native bees, especially bumblebees.  Larval host to Spring Azure butterflies.

1 gallon pot, 2-3 feet tall

Photo credits:
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (photo by Stephanie Brundage)
Missouri Botanical Garden
North Carolina State University Extension (photo by Jim Robbins)