CRCCD – Appalachian Sedge

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Carex appalachia


Soil:  Deep, Well-drained
Moisture:  Average to Dry
Light:  PS to Shade
Plant Height:  to 12 inches
Plant Width:  to 8 inches
Pests:  None
Landscape Value:  Excellent groundcover especially for dry, shady sites on north-facing slopes.  Good for mass planting in borders, in rock gardens and in the root zones of oaks, conifers, and other trees.  Useful for erosion control.

Clump-forming sedge with dark green, thread-like leaves that arch gracefully toward the ground.  Spikes of tiny brown flowers rise above the foliage in late spring.  Attracts small, seed-eating birds and mammals.  When planted in masses, foliage moves with the wind and appears to flow gracefully and swirl like moving water.  Provides interesting textural contrast with broad-leaved shade plants.  Spreads slowly to form colonies.  Prune back to ground level in late winter and watch plants re-flush a vibrant green in spring.  Tolerates drought, black walnut, and poorer soils.  Does not tolerate heavy, wet soils.

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